Variable Frequency Drive

July 1, 2024

The ACS580 UL Type 4X drive is a new member in ABB’s all-compatible drive portfolio. It is fully sealed and IP66 rated, providing corrosion resistance for use in indoor and outdoor environments. The 4X drive comes with an optional integrated lockable UL98 line disconnect and fuses that simplify installation and increase safety. It features a standard Bluetooth control panel for connectivity, commissioning and monitoring through ABB apps like Drivetune and Drive Composer. The drive is equipped with an optimized DC choke to mitigate harmonics, as well as two option slots for expanding connectivity through fieldbus and additional I/O. An optional sun shield helps further protect the UV-resistant drive. The ACS580 UL Type 4X drive is available in multiple power ratings from 1 to 30 HP in 1-phase 240V, 3-phase 208-240V, 3-phase 380-480V, and 3-phase 500-600V.