White Paper: MTS Temposonics(R) Sensors Help NASCAR Teams Race Faster

April 4, 2007
MTS Sensors Temposonics G Series linear position sensor provides accuracy, durability in racing simulator.
MTS Corp., Sensors Division is supplying its Temposonics ® position sensors to the K-RIG, a high performance data acquisition system that provides detailed information about NASCAR ® racing cars’ suspension systems. Designed by Livingston & Haven, a Charlotte, N.C.-based distributor that provides solutions to the fluid power and motion control industries, the K-RIG utilizes Temposonics G-Series GH sensors in a racing simulator that is significantly more affordable than other simulators on the market, and is used by the top racing teams in NASCAR.“The key to this machine’s payoff is accurate position indication,” said Craig Hill, Engineering Manager, Livingston & Haven. “The MTS Temposonics sensors not only offer the most precision in position measurement, they can be mounted inside the cylinder, making the electronics easy-to-use and durable.”Download the white paper