White Paper: Decentralized Control Achieves Repeatable Processes, Maximum Production at Lower Cost

Aug. 2, 2007
Download this whitepaper from SEW Eurodrive to learn how decentralized control assures faster response times and improved control of machine operations
Advances in technology are enabling manufacturers to get closer to a long-sought goal: factories that produce goods of uniform quality, just in time to meet customer demand, at the lowest possible cost. Decentralized control is one of the most useful of these developments, helping manufacturers achieve more repeatable processes with maximum system availability and that are able to more rapidly accommodate production line changes. Like many of the new technologies being adopted by American manufacturers, decentralized or distributed control was first developed in Europe. By positioning control hardware and intelligence closer to the motors that govern machine operation, decentralized control pioneers like SEW-Eurodrive are enabling OEMs and their customers to achieve more accurate control of machine processes at lower cost. Download the whitepaperSee these related whitepapers for more information:
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