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Wireless Gateways, Nodes for Sensor Networks

SureCross Performance Wireless I/O gateways and nodes feature a high-power radio frequency (RF) architecture with 1-Watt transmit power in the 900 MHz ISM band. This architecture provides an increased range between devices—up to six miles—and is said to deliver a reliable industrial wireless solution in all environments, including remote or difficult-to-access areas.

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SureCross Performance family reportedly delivers the same power management, deterministic network and integrated site survey features originally designed for the SureCross product line. Model enhancements include universal analog inputs, and the ability to select either 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10V inputs in the field. Additional node and gateway models provide up to 12 discrete inputs or outputs. Temperature node options offer up to four factory-calibrated temperature inputs for thermocouples or RTD inputs. Using the company’s FlexPower technology, the SureCross Performance radio and external third party sensors can be powered by solar panels, battery modules or 10-30 V dc; therefore, solutions are not limited by locations with wired power. Some of the new models offer an enhanced “E” housing style to provide an integrated battery and wiring terminal in one unit.

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