Simplify I/O Data Transfer

The Anybus X-gateway CANopen is designed to enable system integrators to easily transfer I/O data between automation devices on EtherNet/IP and  CANopen.

Aw 800 1103 Np29
The configurable and slim stand-alone gateway mounts to a standard DIN rail and is powered by 24-Volt industrial power supply. It functions as an adapter (slave) on the EtherNet/IP network and as a manager (master) on the CANopen side. Up to 126 CANopen slaves can be connected to the gateway using a total of up to 128 receive PDOs and 128 transmit PDOs. The gateway is equipped with an integrated 2-port switch on the EtherNet/IP side, enabling EtherNet/IP installations in bus or line topology without the need for external switches.
HMS Industrial Networks Inc.
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