Thin Client Ready Industrial Operator Stations

HIS is pleased to introduce our new Thin Client Ready Industrial Operator Stations.

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These self-contained workstations are available with 15", 17", or 19" LCD monitors housed in NEMA-rated black powder-coated or stainless steel enclosures and provide a sealed, clean, and cool operating environment for a user-supplied thin client or small form factor PC. Optional features include: NEMA-rated touchscreens, industrial keyboards and pointing devices, and tilt/swivel yoke mounts.

A complete workstation (not including the thin client or PC) is priced starting at $1,675 ($2,060 for stainless steel), offering the industrial user a low-cost platform that can be used with whatever thin client or small form factor PC that works best in your application today. And, if sometime in the future you need to upgrade the thin client or PC to new technology, you don’t have to change out the monitor or the rest of the workstation!

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