High-accuracy DP Flowmeter

The Deltatop differential pressure (DP) flowmeter is a complete flow monitoring solution including an averaging pitot tube, and is said by the vendor to offer the most accurate and reliable DP flow technology in the industry.

Aw 1628 1007 Endress
Intended for measuring gas, liquid and steam in 1/2 to 24-inch pipes, the Deltatop features precision-machined orifice plate primary devices complete with flanged unions, manifold and transmitter—designed specifically for applications in accordance with ASME B16.36. These flow solutions are available in class 300# to 2400# flanges. Accuracy of volumetric flow in the Deltatop is achieved through the development of a theoretical model of flow coefficients that have been proven through empirical test data and verified by independent laboratories.

Endress+Hauser Inc.

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