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Count Small Metal Parts

A line of Ring and Tube inductive proximity sensors are designed to detect small metal objects used in material flow applications such as feeder processes and parts counting.

Aw 1710 1006 Ifm
Metal parts such as rivets, screws, springs and bolts are detected as they travel through plastic tubing. The sensors feature quick response times and high resolutions—even steel balls with 0.6mm diameters can be detected. Each model offers two output versions: static and dynamic. Static-style sensors generate an output signal when there is metal in the detection zone. Dynamic sensors are used when very small parts with low mass or fast-moving parts need to be detected. As the parts travel past the sensor, the sensor generates an output, which is adjustable from 0.1 to 150ms. Ring sensors are Micro DC units with PNP or NPN outputs, normally open/normally closed and are available in a variety of diameters from 10.1mm to 15.1mm.  Tube sensors are Micro DC units with PNP or NPN outputs, normally open.  List prices for the Ring and Tube sensors start at $175.

ifm efector inc.

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