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Link Enterprise to Plant Floor

Proficy Open Enterprise 1.2 is an out-of-the-box solution that connects enterprise systems and the vendor’s Proficy suite of software.

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Built on top of Proficy SOA and utilizing the architecture of Proficy Workflow, Open Enterprise allows bi-directional messages to and from enterprise systems so companies can integrate data at the business level with the plant floor, driving additional visibility into the manufacturing process to help with better decision-making and customer responsiveness. “Proficy Open Enterprise allows real-time order information to be shared between the various systems that require this information,” says Sheila Kester, general manager, Operations Management Software, for the vendor. “The tight integration with the production process allows users to see the status of orders, level of inventory change as well as performance of the process. The real advantage is having one version of the truth—with information available when and where it is needed.”

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