Control Devices Remotely

Anybus RemoteCom is an industrial GSM/GPRS-based device for remote monitoring and control, alarm management and data logging.

Aw 2619 0909 Hms
The device works as an easy-to-use Web gateway that acts as a Modbus bridge as well as providing remote access and control of serial devices over Ethernet, Internet, LANs, GSM, GPRS and telephone modems. The product has a built-in Web server to provide Web-based access from a remote location, alarm management, data logging and trend graphs of field equipment data. The integrated alarm and status handler automatically notifies remote supervisors by e-mail, SMS, SNMP and Modbus TCP if pre-defined limits are exceeded. As an additional service, a secure central Web server solution is provided. RemoteCom units connect to the central server to submit critical equipment data, such as logged parameter data and alarms. At the server, an authorized user can view and manage this information, using only a standard Web browser.

HMS Industrial Networks Inc.

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