Low-priced Widescreen HMIs

Three Widescreen Graphic OITs are said to offer a substantial improvement in visual performance over standard interfaces, with pricing billed as the lowest in the market.

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Available in 4.3-, 7- and 10-inch sizes, they are designed to deliver high-quality visual clarity, crispness, brightness and color, while offering a third more usable screen area than non-widescreen displays. Their enhanced graphic capability is reinforced with a speedy 400MHz CPU and a memory boost with 128MB of Flash and 64MB DRAM. Pricing starts at $299 for the HMI504T 4.3-inch widescreen model and $695 for the HMI5070TH 7-inch widescreen with Ethernet Port. The HMI5100N 10-inch widescreen is priced at $1,195, while the HMI5100T, a 10-inch widescreen with Ethernet Port, goes for $1,295.

Maple Systems Inc.

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