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Fifth-generation Relay Advances

As the fifth generation of the vendor’s SmartRelays, the FL1E features an external message display panel, hardware improvements and upgraded software.

Aw 3123 0903 Idec
The optional external message display panel provides a visual interface to view system status at any time. The 4x12 backlit LCD makes it easy to view input, output, analog values, or even timers and counters, says the vendor. Hardware improvements include two additional built-in analog inputs (for a total of four), as well as two additional built-in fast counter analog inputs (for a total of four). Extended memory, up to 200 memory blocks, is a 50 percent increase from previous models, and extended retentive data memory is three times larger. WindLGC 6.0 makes programming fast and easy, the vendor says. Upgrades include four new function keys, special function blocks, and control of the backlight for both the FL1E and external text display panel.

IDEC Corp.
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