Transparent Modbus-to-Ethernet

EKI-1220 series Modbus Gateways are designed for quick and easy integration of Modbus serial devices with Industrial Ethernet networks.

Aw 3194 0902 Advantch
Available in two configurations, the EKI-1221 and EKI-1222 feature one or two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, with redundant 10/100Mbps Ethernet connections, for transparently connecting Modbus ASCII/RTU and Modbus/TCP devices and equipment. The EKI-1220 series gateways support a wide range of configurations between serial and Ethernet devices, including: Ethernet master to serial slave, serial slave to Ethernet master, and concurrent operation of both modes. They are designed for transparent operation, which means no changes are required to installed devices, equipment or software systems.

Advantech Corp., Industrial Automation Group
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