Robust Optical Level Sensor

The optical level sensor FFAR is a robust measuring device in a stainless steel housing that detects level via infrared light and is therefore able to identify various non-conductive liquids.

Aw 3272 0901 Baum
It is designed to detect liquids easily, wear-free and continuously without requiring an electrical connection or a mechanical movement between fluid and sensor. The measuring principle is based on the total reflectance of infrared light at the interior of a translucent cone. Thanks to the sensor head made of borosilicate glass and the stainless steel case, the sensor is extremely resistant to a great number of aggressive substances. The liquid to be measured can be conductive, non-conducting, cloudy or clear. All parts exposed to surrounding media withstand a compression load of up to 40 bar and a temperature of up to 65°C.

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