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Small Hollow-shaft Potentiometers

A line of hollow-shaft potentiometers features an annodized aluminum, thermo plastic design with diameters ranging from 0.860-in. to 2.620-in. and a rotational life of 5 million to 50 million cycles minimum.

Aw 3536 0810 Spec
The potentiometers have electrical angles from 26° to 355° ±2°, independent linearity range of ±0.5% to ±1.0%, power ratings of 0.5W to 2W at 70°C and a maximum output smoothness of 0.1%. These potentiometers offer a resistance range of 1KΩ ~ 20KΩ ±10%, 360° continuous rotation, and require no wiper installation/phasing. The hollow shaft potentiometers are available with a triple cup redundant design for Hi-Rel applications and can be specified with and without connectors.

Spectrum Sensors and Controls

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