X-STREAM(R) O2 Gas Analyzers

Improve Combustion Efficiency and Reduce Greenhouse Gases with New Flue Gas Analyzers

Aw 3576 Xstream02 Low Res

Emerson Process Management has enhanced its Rosemount Analytical X-STREAM® Oxygen Analyzers to improve efficiencies of large boilers and furnaces and provide immediate reduction of carbon dioxide emissions with minimal investment.

Large industrial boilers and furnaces are primary generators of the greenhouse gas CO2. Rosemount Analytical X-STREAM O2 in situ combustion flue gas analyzers are a key tool for optimizing combustion, and reducing emissions. These analyzers provide information to control the fuel-to-air ratio of the burner. The X-STREAM O2 probe now offers improved AccuMax™ accuracy specifications, extended temperature capability, and new longer probe lengths up to 18 feet long to satisfy the need of the industry's biggest boilers and furnaces.

Emerson Process Management

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