Rugged Level Switches

Designed for service in tank and sump level applications, as well as fill/drain control and overflow detection, NuTec LS2000 level switches are made for two-wire, 4-20mA loop power that allows them to serve as a drop-in replacement for other two-wire mechanical float and paddle switches without wiring modifications.

Aw 3662 0808 Fluid
NuTec LS2000 switches feature a no-moving parts thermal mass flow sensor constructed with either 304/305 stainless steel or with 316L all welded stainless steel with wetted surfaces for rugged environments. The switch’s top mount configuration measures level within +0.25 inch (6mm) from its element tip. The side mount configuration is accurate to +0.125 (3mm). It is temperature compensated for process and plant environment swings of up to +100°F (+38°C). The switches sense dry-to-wet conditions in less than 2 seconds, wet-to-dry in less than 5 seconds and wet-to-wet interface in less than 10 seconds. The switch’s rugged level sensor operates at -40 to +250°F (-40 to 121°C) and at pressures to 500psig (35 bar [g]) for use in demanding processes.

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