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Higher-performance SCARA Robots

The TH-A Series of SCARA robots consists of three models, the TH650A, the TH850A and the TH1050A.

Aw 3750 0806 Tosh
These robots offer a 20-30 percent improvement in cycle time, with higher payloads, compared to the vendor's previous models. Standard cycle times are 0.31sec with a 2Kg payload for the TH650A, and 0.39sec with a 5Kg payload for the TH850A and the TH1050A. X-, Y- and Z-Axis positioning repeatability for all three models is ± 0.01mm., while C-Axis positioning repeatability is ± 0.004°. The rigid construction and vibration-free performance means longer robot life. Piping positions are flexible, and may easily be changed by the end-user. Other features include lower profiles and reduced noise levels. Maximum payload mass for the TH650A is 10Kg and maximum composite speed is 7.52m/s, while the TH850A and TH1050A can each carry 20Kg. TH850A maximum speed is 8.13m/s and TH1050A reaches up to 9.15m/s.

Toshiba Machine Co., America

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