Linear Actuators Add Connectors

Offered alone or with a harness assembly, the vendor’s size 14 hybrid linear actuators are now available with integrated connectors.

Aw 3804 Hsi 61
Connectors are RoHS compliant and feature a positive latch for high connection integrity. The connector is rated up to 3 amps and the mating connector will handle a range of wire gauges from 22 to 28. Available in three designs—captive, non-captive, and external linear—these size 14 hybrid linear actuators are available in a variety of resolutions ranging from 0.00012in. (.003048 mm) per step to 0.00192in (.048768 mm) per step and are designed to deliver thrusts of up to 50 lbs. without compromising long life and cost.

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.

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