RTU Expands Ethernet I/O

The vendor’s Bristol ControlWave Micro Hybrid RTU now supports larger applications with new dual Ethernet ports that provide network segmentation without the need for external routers.

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The functionality is provided in new Dual Port Ethernet CPU and I/O Expansion CPUs that allow separation of host communications from expansion I/O communications. The advantage of this configuration is dedicated connectivity to expanded/remote I/O installations using the speed of an Ethernet backbone, maximizing the speed and bandwidth available to Control I/O, says the vendor. The ControlWave Micro base chassis is expandable with up to fourteen slots of I/O. For applications with larger concentrations of I/O, the Dual Port Ethernet CPU allows communication with several I/O Expansion chassis, each with up to fourteen I/O slots. ControlWave technologies are used for remote measurement, control, and SCADA applications in the energy, water, and wastewater industries.



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