Enhanced Asset Management

As a core component of the vendor’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture, AMS Asset Portal Version 2.5 contains a number of new features that expand asset management capabilities.

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AMS Asset Portal Version 2.5 allows users to customize enterprise-wide asset information, including filtering and reporting alerts, polling on demand, and viewing graphical asset health reports. AMS Asset Portal is a Web-based tool that allows users to capture asset information from a wide range of internal sources and customize how they use that data. With the new version, users can: view a quick snapshot of the health of predefined areas within a plant(s) with the Plant Health Home Page; summarize the health of assets in a graphical format with the Asset Health Dashboard Report; save and filter information that is important to them; export asset data to reporting tools such as Excel to create problem asset reports; and poll data sources on demand instead of on a timed basis.

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