EtherNet/IP Users Welcome

Sept. 12, 2006
The BK9105 Bus Coupler makes the vendor’s extensive Bus Terminal I/O system of more than 200 different signal types available to EtherNet/IP users.
The BK9105 is ODVA-certified and follows the producer and consumer model for I/O data. It was developed using the most advanced industrial Ethernet technology, but at a list price of $318, provides users with a dramatic price-to-performance ratio, says the vendor. The BK9105 includes 12 different LEDs to provide users diagnostic information without need for additional tools. The BK9105 Bus Coupler acts as an EtherNet/IP slave and uses standard RJ45 connectors and auto-negotiates either a 10Mbits/s or 100Mbits/s Ethernet connection. Beckhoff Automation LLCPhone: