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Control Flows Precisely

A miniature Cartridge Needle Valve can be used for precise flow adjustment in mini-cylinders, nozzles, timing circuits, filling heads and bleed vents.

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Designed for incorporation into manifold assemblies, the Cartridge Needle Valve allows precise flow control due to 56 threads per inch adjustment and three degree taper of the needle. The adjusted flow remains stable even during temperature fluctuations, says the vendor, as the needle and valve seat are both manufactured from stainless steel. Maximum inlet pressure is 300psig. The valve controls flows from 0 to 1SCFM at 50psig. The metal-to-metal seal provides positive shut-off down to negative pressure/vacuum of 25 in HG. The installation height is only15/16 inch. The inlet/installation thread﷓is a 10-32 external thread with an O-ring face seal for leak tight connections.

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