Color Mapping Finds Upsets

Aug. 1, 2006
PlantTriage Performance Supervision Software now includes a color-coded Process Interaction Map to enable users to quickly identify the most important process interactions and find the root cause of process upsets.

PlantTriage continually monitors and performs 60 assessments of performance for every control loop in the plant. The Process Interaction Map evaluates this real-time data to display interactions between process variables. This focuses attention on the most important interactions. Process Interaction Mapping displays the extent of interaction between one process variable and every other process variable in the plant. From a Web browser interface, the user can narrow the search based on any number of criteria, such as unit operation, type of measurement, economic value, oscillation or more than 80 other criteria. Process Interaction Mapping also establishes the lead or lag relationship between variables, which can help identify cause and effect. The “leading” variable is typically the root cause of the upset, says the vendor.