Free OPC Servers to Developers

May 1, 2006
Cyberlogic unveils a developer network program to deliver free OPC servers to systems developers.

Cyberlogic, a leading supplier of OPC software based in Troy, Mich., recently announced a new program to ship free OPC servers and communication drivers. The program, called the Cyberlogic Developer Network, will allow engineers to use the company’s OPC software products under a free development license.

“The human-machine interface (HMI) client companies have been delivering free development platforms for years,” says Dan Muller, director of the Cyberlogic Developer Network. “And now, users can expect our server software to be available for development without any cost as well.” Under terms of the new program, developers who sign up for the Cyberlogic Developer Network will receive multi-use development licenses for the company’s entire line of OPC server and communication driver software.

“We understand that developers have special needs,” says Muller. “Whether it’s a systems integrator or an in-house engineering group, developers often need multiple copies of software during development and testing. They also want to retain their ability to support the system they developed after its deployment. This becomes difficult when the systems integrator transfers the runtime license to its customer.” The cost of maintaining a full library of industrial software can be prohibitive for a systems integrator, especially for those in developing nations or depressed economies.

A global program

“The Cyberlogic Developer Network is offered worldwide because we have a large installed base around the world,” says Kemal Turedi, Cyberlogic’s chief executive officer. “More than 100,000 copies of Cyberlogic software have been shipped to 130 countries in the last decade. The Cyberlogic Developer Network is our response to requests from our large user community. This program will allow professional developers around the world to better support their clients.”

Under the guidelines of the program, qualified systems integrators, automation and controls engineers of end-user companies, and information technology (IT) professionals can sign up for Cyberlogic Developer Network by visiting Cyberlogic states that all software obtained under the program is licensed for development only, and is not intended for production use.

Cyberlogic is the leading independent supplier of OPC Servers and industrial communication software. Cyberlogic OPC Server Suites are integrated, all-in-one products. The built-in reliability features of Cyberlogic’s OPC Servers allow the configuration of an unlimited number of redundant networks and redundant data sources. Cyberlogic’s OPC Servers include a Health Monitor that continuously verifies the operation of each network and data source, automatically switching to backups when there is a problem. The built-in unsolicited messaging feature allows the configuration of an unlimited number of nodes that can initiate unsolicited data transmission, eliminating the need for polling for data. All components of Cyberlogic OPC Server Suites are developed by Cyberlogic. All required device drivers are integrated into the Suites and the products do not require any third party add-ons.

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