Distance Measuring Sensors

Aug. 1, 2005
A line of distance measurement sensors, the DT 60, DL 60, DT 500 and DS 500 are well suited for a variety of material handling, logistics and general manufacturing applications.

The DT 60 is a cost-effective analog output sensor with a range of 200mm to 5.3m and accuracy of +/-10mm. The DL 60 has a range of 300mm to 24m with accuracy of +/-15mm. Both the DT 60 and the DL 60 are mid-range distance sensors offering low black white shift, allowing users to easily change out the target material without sacrificing accuracy. The DS/DT 500 fills an important gap, providing a lower cost alternative to long-range distance measurement (up to 30m) without a reflector. The DS/DT 500 is easy to set up via the built-in display and keypad. With a Class 2, eye-safe laser diode producing a visible point of red light, it is easy to align the laser to the target, says the vendor. Without a reflector, the DT/DS 500 is able to measure distances of more than 30m with white target surfaces and 18m with black targets.