Monitor Boiler Combustion

April 1, 2005
Designed as an inexpensive solution for monitoring boiler combustion efficiency in real time, the Model 9060E combines zirconium oxide sensor technology with microprocessor technology.

When installed on commercial boilers, the system can monitor and display, in real time, percent combustion efficiency measurements, helping operators to keep boilers running at energy saving levels. The system was developed by the vendor in conjunction with Teledyne Analytical Instruments. “Integrating the 9060E into existing building monitoring systems is simple and inexpensive,” says Scott R. Miller, president at the vendor. Trending data and boiler operating reports can be used to show deterioration of boiler conditions and also show accountability of unit operation. The 9060E can also provide optional alarming capabilities. In addition to oxygen readings supplied by the zirconium probe to the microprocessor, the 9060E can also retrieve and display a variety of optional data points.