The EDDL and FDT advantages & disadvantages (sidebar)

Dec. 1, 2004
End users have recently weighed in on the pros and cons of using EDDL (electronic device description language) vs. FDT (field device tool). This list of advantages and disadvantages comes from user blogs.

EDDL advantages

-Consistent appearance

-Operating system independent

-Control strategy configuration

-Data beyond the configuration


EDDL disadvantages

-Lack of graphics (currently in development)

-No third-party tools (tools are built into the control system)

-May not appear as in manual

FDT advantages

-Powerful graphics already available

-Third-party tools available

-Appears as in manual

FDT disadvantages

-Inconsistent look and feel (every DTM looks different)

-Limited to Windows (not in handhelds)

-Limited to instruments (does build control strategy)

-Data trapped in DTM (does not go to OPC)

-Version management (different versions of devices and DTM not handled well)

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