Managing abnormal conditions pays process dividends (sidebar)

Sept. 1, 2003
The ASM Consortium is ...

A consortium of leading oil and chemical companies, suppliers and other organizations with specialty expertise to research and develop solutions for abnormal situation management.

Its members include…

• Honeywell


User Member Companies:

• Celanese Chemicals (

• ChevronTexaco (

• ConocoPhillips (

• ExxonMobil (

• NOVA Chemicals (

• Shell (

Associate Member Companies:

• BAW Architecture (

• TTS Performance Systems (

• User Centered Design Services (

University Member:

• UCLA (

Membership has its privileges…

The benefits to ASM Consortium members include:

• Access to the results of the consortium research

• Access to guideline documents

• Early access to products and services developed by Honeywell and other vendor companies in the consortium

• Ability to work closely with Honeywell in the development stage on products that relate to ASM

• Control over part of Honeywell’s engineering docket for R&D spending.

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