Interface for Fieldbus and Real Time Ethernet

Nov. 10, 2011
netIC is a “system-on-a-chip” DIL-32 module supporting connectivity between automation devices and fieldbus/real-time Ethernet protocols.

netIC supports Profinet, EtherNet/IP and Profibus, as well as CompoNet and CC-Link 2.0. Access to the host CPU is via Modbus RTU and the device enables collection of up to 16-byte I/O data. The company says “a major revamp” of its netX chip family has begun to increase speeds and reduce power consumption. New versions will be compatible with previous designs so hardware upgrades will be quick and easy. New netX versions will be added to increase memory, channel-counts and output options, and protocol specific functionality will be added, such as support for the latest Profinet dynamic frame packing technology and an integrated two-port switch with DLR (Device Level Ring) for EtherNet/IP users.

Hilscher North America Inc.