High Speed Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Radio

Nov. 10, 2011
New outdoor wireless Ethernet radio has twice the speed of the company’s previous generation radio for the same price.

The new AW5810HTP product was specifically created to solve the growing demand for increased video resolution and greater video frame rate in surveillance and industrial video applications. This product is a 5.8 GHz Outdoor 10 Mbps Wireless Ethernet Radio that allows customers to build point-to-point or multi-point wireless Ethernet connections that link fringe IP devices, such as video surveillance cameras or other devices needing robust and secure high data rates. Features include:  10 Mbps Ethernet data rate to keep up with high resolution cameras; maximum legal radiated power for maximum range and interference penetration; and even more power in the AW5810HTP-PAIR point-to-point bridge configuration (40 Watts EIRP). Data security provided by WPA2-PSK-AES 256-bit encryption.

AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc.