Machine Builders Leave the Competition Behind with OPC UA and 3D Graphics

June 4, 2012
Using GENESIS64™ software from ICONICS, equipment suppliers can create fully animated intelligent 3D models that can be provided for no cost with their equipment. The software employs OPC UA as a core technology to enable Machine Builders to develop smart symbols and advanced graphics with complex-data objects.

ICONICS, a leading global supplier of HMI/SCADA software solutions, created GENESIS64 as a “power tool” for Machine Builders and Equipment Suppliers to quickly and easily take advantage of OPC UA, 64-bit Microsoft Windows® technology and high-resolution advanced graphics.  64-bit graphics technology means that every machine builder can deliver rich, high-resolution intuitive graphics with minimum effort. Even 3D graphics can be directly imported from most CAD software with ease, simplifying the design effort and providing compelling graphics that sell your solutions and provide insight for operations.

The GENESIS64 software employs OPC UA as a core technology to enable Machine Builders to develop smart-symbols and advanced graphics with complex-data objects that snap into place with machine data models. Equipment suppliers can utilize GENESIS64 to create fully animated intelligent 3D models that can be provided for no cost with their equipment.  Moreover, the GENESIS64 software supports unlimited layers, zooming, rotation, animation, etc., and is fully Web-enabled for runtime and configuration. 

With GENESIS64 OPC UA technologies, your machines are ready for integration into your customers’ manufacturing and IT-level systems.  OPC UA provides outstanding network security, ready integration with control and IT systems and enables firewall-friendly communications.  With OPC UA, the machines you deploy will be ready “out of the box” for agile factories focused on reconfiguration.  Upper-level systems will be able to readily discover your machines for quick deployment within their operations.  And, auto-configuration technologies allow repetitive and time-consuming tasks to be greatly streamlined.

GENESIS64 can be acquired and delivered as an OEM solution, and thus packaged and branded with the equipment supplied.

Many machine builders and equipment suppliers have realized that the value proposition of the equipment they supply includes not just the equipment function, but also the ease at which that equipment can be engineered, integrated, communicated with and operated.  Many today deliver equipment with Revit,.3DS or .DXF files to make their products easier to engineer and adapt.

With OPC UA and products such as ICONICS GENESIS 64™, equipment suppliers can now easily create dazzling, real-time graphical operational and diagnostics user interfaces that can be delivered with their product for a powerful competitive advantage.

Please contact ICONICS at for further information and assistance with purchasing this and other visualization and automation software technology. For more information on ICONICS GENESIS 64™, download the product whitepaper.

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