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Gateway Connects Profinet IRT to Dissimilar Networks

Anybus X-gateways enable communication between several industrial networks and Profinet IRT.

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The gateways can connect PROFIBUS and CANopen to PROFINET IRT fiber optics, and ControlNet, EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet to PROFINET IRT with copper cabling. This helps plant owners and machine builders migrate to PROFINET without making changes to existing machinery. The gateways copy I/O data between any industrial network and PROFINET IRT. Gateway settings regarding, for example, I/O sizes are configured in a Windows-based terminal interface which means no programming is necessary. The PROFINET interface of the gateway works as an I/O-Device on the PROFINET IRT network and supports up to 220 bytes of I/O for both input and output data. The gateway baud rate is 100 Mbps (full duplex) and uses two RJ45 connectors (copper) or two SC-RJ connectors (fiber optic) allowing installations in line or ring topology. The integrated two-port IRT switch eliminates the need for expensive external switches.

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