WLAN Ethernet Gateways

The WEG devices replace Ethernet network cables by pairing with each other or an access point of the same radio technology.

Aw 16366 1305np Wago

The 758-916 (2.4 GHz) and 758-917 (5 GHz) Wireless Ethernet Gateways (WEGs) transmit data up to 1300 ft (400 m) line-of-sight. Applications include motion-intensive, "disconnected" mobile or hard-to-connect packaging, construction and energy production machinery. Users gain communication and control capabilities without taxing cabled network infrastructures. The units wirelessly transmit Ethernet protocols, e.g. MODBUS/TCP, EtherNet/IP, or PROFINET. A streamlined IP65 housing, featuring an integrated antenna (circularly polarized for heavily metallic environments), permits enclosure-free installation in industrial environments. On-unit LEDs further emphasize convenience, providing at-a-glance diagnostics/operational status updates. A push-button and Web-based management tool simplify configuration. Robust M12 cables provide power and Ethernet connectivity; approvals include Industry Canada and FCC. The units can be used to replace slip rings in machine-building. When paired with the company's SPEEDWAY 767 IP67 controllers and couplers, the units support process applications such as wastewater pumps. "Disconnected" mobile applications include data transmission from railcars or other mobile devices to stationary collection boxes.

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