ARC View: Value Proposition for FDT Technology Continues to Increase

June 3, 2013
True to one of its primary objectives, the FDT Group continues to enhance FDT technology for the future, while maintaining strict backward compatibility. After having achieved the significant milestone in 2009 of IEC 62453 approval, the FDT Group’s efforts continue.

Under the leadership of Glenn Schulz, who became Managing Director in July 2009, the FDT Group continues to move forward at an accelerating pace as more suppliers and users alike embrace the technology. Recent initiatives include efforts to obtain approval for the ANSI/ISA 103 standard, which should help further accelerate FDT adoption in North America; the FDT 2.0 Project, which will advance FDT technology from COM and Active-X technology to .NET; and the important FDI initiative, which will unify FDT and EDDL technologies moving forward.

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