On-Site Functionality from Remote Capabilities

June 21, 2013
Remote HMI works with the screen development software GP-Pro EX v3.1 (or later) and allows users to easily monitor and control HMI screens from a smart phone or tablet without the need for special programs.

It allows users to monitor and operate multiple machines using a single tablet, allowing users to check causes of errors and prepare tools for maintenance before dashing off to the source of the issue. This reduces work time by letting users see machine information no matter where they are in the factory. It makes it possible to monitor the status of multiple machines from a single mobile device, provides the ability to both monitor and control machines, and gives users the freedom to use any tablet or smart phone running Android or iOS. The system makes it possible to switch communication modes to monitor status. Synchronous mode allows monitoring screens that are the same as the operators' screens, while asynchronous mode allows monitoring different screens during regular operation without stopping on-site operation.

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