ORing HD-enabled Ethernet Switches for rolling stocks

June 25, 2014
Rolling stock, in developed and developing countries alike, plays a key role in driving a nation’s industrial development.
Rolling stock, in developed and developing countries alike, plays a key role in driving a nation’s industrial development. For example, high-speed railway not only bolsters the national economy, but also brings prosperity to the people. Therefore, secure, reliable, and always-on network systems must be deployed to allow the control center to monitor railway systems in real time and ensure passengers a comfortable and safe journey. However, the establishment of railway network systems is met with many challenges such as providing uninterrupted and reliable network connection in high-speed trains and installing surveillance systems in busy and spacious train stations. As a leading network solution provider for rolling stock, ORing has developed the TGPS-1080-M12 series unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switches featuring PoE function and EN50155 compliance. The high-bandwidth switch can transmit HD data smoothly. With IEEE 802.3af/at support, the TGPS-1080-M12 is an ideal solution for outdoors, remote areas, or environments where power outlets are difficult to access. By powering railway surveillance systems over the Ethernet cables, vendors do not need to install additional power supplies, thereby cutting down power supply costs. The device is a perfect for complex and distributed railway applications.  
The TGPS-1080-M12-BP2-24V comes with eight 10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports, and two of which are bypass enabled. Acting as standard Ethernet ports in normal conditions, these two bypass ports will create an in-line connection when a power outage occurs. As a result, network traffic in the failed switch will continue to transmit to other active switches, significantly enhancing network reliability. It is also worth to note that while the TGPS-1080-M12-BP2-24V accepts universal voltage (12-57VDC), its power boost technology can boost 18-36VDC up to 48VDC for PoE output as PoE installations typically require 48VDC voltage. With dual power inputs, the device can provide redundant power supply, hence achieving high availability. To cope with the harsh environments of in-vehicle and railway applications, the device is furnished with M12 connectors and a wide temperature range of -40 to 70°C, along with an IP-40 casing. Therefore, the TGPS-1080-M12-BP2-24V is able to provide stable data communications for moving vehicles.
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