Teknikol: Mobile HART Configuration App

Aug. 10, 2014
Teknikol COMMANDER is a professional mobile Android app for calibration and read/write of common HART field device variables.

Traditionally, similar HART tools have been available only on large PCs or bulky hardware, but this app allows communication with HART field devices using any Bluetooth enabled Android device. This makes using HART devices cheaper and more convenient than before. Users attach a Bluetooth modem to a HART network, open the app, and connect. The app allows the user to quickly search for devices, then read dynamic device variables (PV, SV, TV, QV), loop current, ranges, damping, message, tag, and more. Users simply tap any editable field to change its value. The app also provides full NAMUR device diagnostic capabilities. The app's engineering console enables the user to read or write any command, including device-specific commands and associated data, and enables full configuration of any HART field device.

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