Adaptive Networks: Powerline Modem for Industrial Applications

Oct. 21, 2014
The AN MWB Powerline Modem provides continuous, reliable powerline network communications over MV and LV industrial power lines, even in harsh, impaired powerline environments.

The modem provides error-free transparent links between multiple nodes supporting various industrial protocols. Delivering up to 1 Mbps throughput to end-user applications, it is optimized for demanding control, automation and monitoring applications. The modem utilizes wideband modulation, adaptive equalization, rapid synchronization, error-control coding and power line-optimized deterministic token passing protocols, all optimized for the harsh industrial powerline. The foundation of this approach is "on-the-fly" equalization providing intelligence at the receiver to enable dynamic adaptation to the time-varying impairments of the powerline. Features include speeds to 1 Mbps application-usable throughput; rapid synchronization, reliable low latency communication with predictable, rapid response times; power line-optimized Forward Error Correction (FEC) and ARQ and a noise-immune deterministic MAC for robust multipoint network support. Units are available in both standalone and module form factors, including Eurocard module and DIN rail mounting.

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