Aaeon: Rackmount Network Appliance

Nov. 30, 2015
The FWS-7520 grants native support for the advanced DDR4, REG, ECC or non-ECC memory, up to 128 GB and the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification.

This makes remote control and off-site monitoring of the device's status possible, safeguarding the networking from any sudden failures. The unit is powered by the Intel Xeon Processor D-1500, Intel's third generation 64-bit SoC and the first based on Intel Xeon processor technology, a setup that expands the traditional Xeon power footprint by providing SKUs ranging 19 W to 45 W for low power designs while providing enhanced overall performance. The appliance is designed to work with three more of the company's Network Interface Modules (NIM) that boost the maximum number of LAN ports to 27 (3 included on the device itself), offering speeds of both 1GbE and 10GbE with copper and/or fiber and 40GbE fiber connection support. LAN bypass is also available for selected NIMs. Two SKUs offer two different power options: One with 180 W PSU and the other with additional 220 W for power redundancy and improved reliability.

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