Upgraded PLM Application

March 12, 2010
Upgraded features offer planning workflows and capabilities to increase productivity in planning and manufacturing.

Tecnomatix 9.1 from Siemens PLM offers a number of new features:

  • Automotive Body-in-White (BIW) Planning on Teamcenter.
  • Start BIW planning directly in Teamcenter.
  • Use the weld point creation wizard to create new weld points and assign them to parts via drag & drop.
  • Automatically connect welds to parts based on spatial proximity.

Search for and find required weld points in a configured part structure. Teamcenter provides a dedicated search list including relevant weld point information. Simply drag & drop from this list to assign weld points to parts.

The Excel Live integration allows additional management and control of weld points via Microsoft Excel.

Open Process Simulate directly from Teamcenter to assign weld points to operations and these operations to the relevant robots within a 3D environment based on the open JT format. Find the correct weld guns and optimize the positions of the relevant robots.

Quality Management streamlines analysis and improves usability across industries. Define measurement features, as required, from dimensions to pressure, voltage, torque, speed, to virtually any other shop floor measurement. New reports bridge the gap between execution and quality control by increasing visibility into conformance with easily understood representations of real-time production.

New features for variation analysis streamline simulation efforts and provide better control of end results.

The new Gantt chart enables you to sequence your operations and define the interdependencies between them in a graphical way.

The Time Data Card enables you to define operation times based on the Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) standard or your own time values.

Jack and Jill Around the World -- New Chinese Anthropometric data enables you to quickly scale the Jack and Jill human models for the assessment of operations based in China. New forced influenced postures allow you to accurately analyze situations which require push or pull operations. Assembly situations, which require stair climbing (e.g., for heavy equipment or aircraft) can now be analyzed.


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