Don’t Disparage Essential Components

It’s easy for managers and writers to think about the more glamorous parts of what we call Ethernet.

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We can talk about TCP/IP, network stacks, WiFi and maybe even “architecture” (I had a friend when I was selling automation products who always wanted to talk about the architecture of a control system).

Ignoring the components from which a network is constructed can lead to a whole lot of trouble down the road. Is a router or switch better for this application? How about managed versus unmanaged switches? What type of cable and connectors?

As control engineers also become network engineers, knowledge of components, configuration, troubleshooting and the pitfalls of network systems is becoming a crucial part of the intellectual toolbox.

Terry Costlow has done his usual excellent job of corralling specs and examples to bring the Ethernet subject to life. You’ll find his articles full of information that will help you figure out your next Ethernet network.

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