Ten Years and Going Strong

July 26, 2013
My Honda just turned 10, and so apparently did Wago's Lever-Nuts, which are lever-actuated splices for panel building and machine wiring. What essential tool or component have you been using for 10 years or more?

My car just turned 10 years old. I love my Honda Accord, and although I've been thinking of replacing her, there's really no reason to. She still runs smooth, starts quick and does everything else I need a car to do. 

When I got a press release describing the 10th anniversary of the introduction of Wago Corporation’s 222 Series Lever-Nuts, I thought about my car. Wago says Lever-Nuts are celebrating "10 years of reducing wiring time by up to 50 percent." The lever-actuated splices are an alternative to twist-style splices that eliminates twisting, taping and crimping of wires. So I think this weekend I will celebrate 10 years effortlessly getting where I want go when I want to go there.

According to a Wago fact sheet, if all Lever-Nuts sold were lined front-to-back, they’d stretch from Brookings, Ore. (the westernmost contiguous U.S. city) to Eastport, Maine (the easternmost contiguous U.S. city), and return to Wago’s Germantown, Wis. headquarters--a journey of 5,000 miles. My Honda has taken me 120,000 miles and it shows no signs of stopping. Except for regular preventive maintenance and having to replace the truck latch (which even the mechanic said that was the oddest replacement he had ever done), I've never had to put any effort into that car.

Lever-Nuts carry ratings up to 600 V, 20 A max current capacity and 105°C insulating material temperature. Cage Clamp Compact Spring Pressure ensures maintenance-free, vibration-resistant connections. Every model, from 2–5 conductors, accommodates solid and stranded conductors AWG 12–28 (one conductor/pole) in one unit. Wago's materials also note that, in addition to the range of ordinary electrical wiring applications, the company is proud of a few unique applications:

·         Controls — PLC wiring for reverse osmosis water purification system.
·         Vehicular — Interconnect lighting/communication devices aboard military vehicles.
·         Machinery — Fan motor power leads with capacitor to limit electrical “noise.”
·         Appliances — Internal wiring, e.g., commercial laundry, food service and HVAC.

What essential tool or component have you been using for 10 years or more? Have you tried it in a new application that brought you some success? I'm thinking of taking a road trip through the Smokey Mountains--a place my Honda, which has lived her effortless life in the flatlands of Illinois, has never travelled. Wish us well.

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