Wireless Sensor Network Demo, Powered Completely by Harvested Energy

June 23, 2011
At the IDTechEx Wireless Sensor Network & RTLS Summit, held in Munich, Germany on June 21-22, Dust Networks served up a demo with all network nodes running on energy harvested from different devices.
Dust Networks,(www.dustnetworks.com), Hayward, Calif., showcased its SmartMesh IP 6LoWPAN wireless network that can harvest energy from a variety of devices, including the Micropelt TE-Power thermogenerator and the Cymbet EnerChip CC rechargeable solid state battery trickle system. "The SmartMesh product family provides a unique convergence with energy harvesting because all of its mesh network nodes can run on harvested energy. With the further decreased power requirements of the company's IP technology, Micropelt can now run even more applications on thermoharvesters at rather low gradients, eliminating both wires and battery maintenance," says Burkhard Haabe, vice president of business development for Micropelt Gmbh. Micropelt's thermoelectric energy harvesting technology drives a wide range of low-power wireless applications, including remote sensors, data loggers and small actuators.   Dust's ultra low-power System on a Chip (SoC), Eterna, offers direct sequence spread spectrum radios compliant to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard in the 2.4 GHz band (2400-2483.5 MHz). Other features of the SmartMesh network are the ability to expect radio frequency (RF) interference and hop channels, and providing redundant routes via the mesh networking. SmartMesh also includes comprehensive security with device authentication, 128-bit AES-based encryption with multiple keys, message integrity check, system key changeovers and customized key rotation. For more information on the Dust Networks wireless mesh technology, a standard SmartMesh IP Evaluation Kit offers everything needed to demonstrate performance, data monitoring, digital actuation and event notification. Dust Networks, Inc. www.dustnetworks.com

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