Lifetime Warranty for Industrial Ethernet Devices

Belden program lets customers register wired and wireless Ethernet devices for extended lifetime warranty.

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Belden Inc. has announced a device registration program that extends the limited warranty of specific Hirschmann brand Ethernet products purchased after May 1, 2011. Online registration of the device gives it a lifetime warranty. 

St. Louis-based Belden ( is perhaps best known as a manufacturer of a wide variety of cables, but diversified into the sale of industrial-grade Ethernet switches with the acquisitions of Hirschmann and GarrettCom last year. 

The lifetime warranty is exclusive and applicable to the following Ethernet switch families—RS20, RS30, RS40, RSB20, MS20, MS30, RSR20, RS30, MACH100, MACH1000 and OCTOPUS—as well as the BAT family of wireless Ethernet radios and FiberInterface series of fieldbus fiber media converters / transceivers.
To qualify for a lifetime warranty, users must register a Hirschmann device purchased after May 1, 2011 at The site contains complete terms and conditions, and certain restrictions apply. The program is limited to users in the U.S. and Canada only, and improperly applied or installed products may void warranty. 

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