Ethernet Products Sold Over the Web

Low prices through direct online sales is the mantra of a new online company focused on industrial Ethernet products.

Taking a page from successful Internet marketing companies, Ethernet Direct is a new company formed to sell Ethernet networking products, such as managed and unmanaged switches, directly to users via a Web site. Corporate headquarters are in Taiwan, where products are manufactured, and the company is led by individuals with network sales and marketing experience in the United States.

In an approach similar to that of Cumming, Ga.-based AutomationDirect whose successful marketing campaign compares its low prices  to those of competitors, Ethernet Direct also touts its low prices”made possible by selling directly to the user, thus removing distributor mark ups.

The company's Web purchasing pages feature online quoting, credit card ordering and online purchase orders. An online chat feature allows customers to get quick answers to technical or ordering questions.

Ethernet Direct products are billed as industrial-grade equipment at commercial-grade prices, so that customers don't need to compromise specifications for price.

Ethernet Direct

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