OSIsoft to support SAP integration

New software permits users to communicate both through Microsoft Windows .Net and Java 2 Enterprise Edition applications.

Gregg Le Blanc, marketing manager, OSIsoft
Gregg Le Blanc, marketing manager, OSIsoft

OSIsoft Inc., San Leandro, Calif., maker of application software for process manufacturing industries, announced it has achieved “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” certification from enterprise software manufacturer SAP AG. As part of this certification, the company will develop software to support the Walldorf, Germany-based SAP’s adaptive manufacturing strategy.

Saying it is the first SAP partner to use Microsoft .Net to achieve this certification, OSIsoft reiterates its commitment to open standards and Web-based architectures. The goal of these applications is to help speed access to enterprise information and achieve tighter integration of plant-level manufacturing systems with enterprise applications facilitated by SAP’s eXchange Infrastructure (SAP XI), a component of SAP NetWeaver platform.

Gregg Le Blanc, OSIsoft marketing manager, states, “The significance of this announcement is that it holds the promise of interoperability of Microsoft .Net to NetWeaver, a technology that is predominantly Java 2 Enterprise Edition-based. Now programmers skilled in .Net can have access to these applications. This will open avenues to collaborate with more customers and open manufacturing data up to departments that couldn’t previously access it.”

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