Event-driven Integration

KnowNow Inc. (www.knownow.com), a Sunnyvale, Calif., provider of event-driven integration solutions, has released KnowNow 3 Enterprise Edition.

User companies are in industries that include financial services, manufacturing, supply chain management, aerospace and defense.

The LiveServer component intelligently routes messages while LiveConnectors components enable event-driven publish/subscribe messaging over native hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). The LiveSheet component allows users to share information among multiple spreadsheets on multiple systems. “KnowNow 3 Enterprise Edition delivers information to the people who need it while the value of that information is still very high,” says Michael Terner, president and chief executive officer of KnowNow.

“There are important financial and strategic benefits to implementing event-driven business processes because they suit the inherently event-driven nature of many aspects of the real world. Event-driven business processes are not just traditional processes made to run faster; rather, they have specific characteristics that distinguish them from internally driven processes,” says Roy Schulte, vice president, Gartner Inc., a Stamford, Conn.-based research and consulting firm. “Event-driven design will be ‘the next big thing’ in business architecture and in Information Technology, because it brings unprecedented power to support dynamic and multifaceted business processes.”

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