Industrial Ethernet Connectivity Solution Certified by Profinet International

Aug. 15, 2012
RapID Platform Network Interface has been certified to Profinet Class B and Net Load Class III.

Innovasic announces that its RapID Platform Network Interface has been certified to Profinet Class B and Net Load Class III. The interface, which can be integrated into any type of automation equipment, is a pre-tested module that manages the industrial protocol and network traffic with a single host processor interface. Achieving Net Load Class III means Innovasic’s solution conforms to the Profinet standard under high network load conditions.

“The Profinet International organization (PI) has introduced tests in order to prove the robustness of field devices under varying degrees of network traffic loading,” says Professor Dr. Frithjof Klasen from the AIT Profinet Competence Center of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and member of the Board of Directors of PI Germany.  “Devices that can pass Net Load Class III have proven to be able to withstand the highest network traffic loading.”

Innovasic achieves Net Load Class III performance with its patented PriorityChannel technology.  PriorityChannel eliminates the effects of network traffic loading and ensures real-time Profinet messages are always processed on-time, every time.  A field device incorporating Innovasic’s Network Interface solution is protected from unpredictable packet delays, excessive latency, and connection failure without worrying about network segmentation or switch configuration. “PriorityChannel extends Profinet’s Real-Time Channel by allowing field device parameters to pass to the network without interruption,” says Tom Weingartner, Innovasic vice president of marketing. “We are very pleased that our RapID Platform is now among the first solutions to achieve Class III performance.”

The RapID Platform Network Interface is available as a module or an embedded design, and the transition can be made at any time. 

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