Moxa Updates MXview Network Management Software

Jan. 7, 2013
Moxa has released a new version of its flagship industrial network management software that will make it even more appealing and easy to use for industrial users.

Moxa has released a new version of its flagship industrial network management software that will make it even more appealing and easy to use for industrial users.

Version 2.2 of Moxa MXview provides new support for PoE device visualization and third-party device management, along with device availability and inventory reporting capabilities. These functions are expected to strengthen MXview's value proposition as a comprehensive monitoring, diagnostics and management platform for converged automation networks. Moxa is offering a fully functional unlimited-time 20-node trial version of MXview for download on its corporate website,
Enhanced support for third party devices will greatly extend MXview's usefulness for networks that use non-Moxa products. The embedded MIB browser and MIB compiler allow users to extract and read any MIB parameter from third-party devices, giving system operators more comprehensive control over industrial networks that are powered by equipment from multiple vendors. The new inventory and device availability reports can be exported as Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV or PDF files, making it easier for network operators to manage their assets and achieve high overall equipment effectiveness.
"With the new features we've introduced in MXview 2.2, it's even easier for industrial users to monitor and manage the health of their network infrastructure," said Jim Toepper, product manager at Moxa Americas Inc. "We believe that experiencing the software yourself is one of the best ways to understand how easy it is to use, which is why we are offering a trail version for downloading."
MXview features:

  • Virtual device panel
  • VLAN/IGMP visualization
  • Event playback
  • Event detection and notification
  • Centralized configuration
  • Firmware operations
  • Event log history.

New In Version 2.2:

  • Displays PoE power consumption
  • Highly precise packet and trend tracking (up to 4 decimal points)
  • Device-level network availability monitoring
  • MIB browser/MIB compiler
  • Inventory/availability reports
  • Device properties reports

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